Fine Art Association- Student Work


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Fine Art Association- Student Work


This collection of student work has been absorbed by the Fine Arts Association. Check the Identifier to see if these pieces are available for loan, if they say "On Loan in....." they are unavailable. These are all student works.

Collection Items

Us, Our Huddled Tripidation
Black & White Litho

Supa Fly Style Part 2
Matted Print

Chicken Leg Chalice
Brass and Ivory Damaged

Art Real Ad poster
Printed Poster

Unknown (Furlong Foyer)
Digital Print

Still Life
Pastel Drawing

Untitled (Main Street Paintings)
Acrylic Paintings on Board

Untitled (Main Street Paintings)
Acrylic Painting on Board

Rose of Mine
Color Lithograph Print
14/16 ED

Original Acrylic Painting

NA (Seated Woman with Hat)
Original Painting

Color Etching Print

It's Only Everything
Unique (Chrome Colle)
Collography /Intaglio

Reverse Evolution
Mixed Media Color Print

Color Silkscreen

President's House
Ink/Pen Drawing

Unknown (Big X)
Original Painting/ Collage

Personal Blue
Oil Paint on Canvas
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