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Art Loan for University Employees

The Furlong Gallery’s Permanent Collection began more than 50 years ago, and now holds over 1,000 works. The collection is open to all UW-Stout employees and offices. 

You may keep the work as long as you like, but we suggest changing work every five years. If you move to another office and want to bring the work with you, please notify Furlong Gallery Staff to relocate the work. The Furlong will rehang the work for you if you choose to take it with you, or arrange for you to borrow new art.

If you hang the work on a wall yourself and any damage occurs to the work, your office will be held responsible.

If you wish to return artwork or switch it out, contact the Furlong Gallery Staff to make arrangements. New paperwork will be created for the change in loan. Please do not loan the work to another co-worker before contacting the gallery first.

The Furlong Gallery reserves the right to request work back for any reason.

Thank you!

Art Loaning Process

1. Browse through UW-Stout's Furlong Gallery Permanent Collection.

2. Make an appointment with Hannah Phelps (phelpsh@uwstout.edu) at the Furlong Gallery to view artworks in person. It is not required, but it is helpful to bring measurements and photos of the space you wish to fill.

3. If you have existing holes and/or nails in your walls the Furlong crew can deliver and hang the work for you. If you want to install new hanging devices or put holes in the wall you must contact Facilities and arrange a date to install them.

4. The Furlong will measure and mark the places where you want the nails for you, but cannot install them ourselves. We will deliver and hang the work up when your office is ready for installation.

5. Fill out the Loan Program form through the link below and email to phelpsh@uwstout.edu for our collection records.